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What is an allergy?
An allergy is a strong reaction to an "allergen" that's otherwise harmless. There are two patterns of reactions. Seasonal allergies usually peak during spring and again during late summer. They are caused by pollen from weeds, grass and trees. Perennial allergies occur year-round. They are caused by allergens which are always in the air--indoor molds, house dust mites and "animal dander"--tiny skin flakes, especially from cats.
 different kind of allergen — allergies  in Chattanooga, TN
Who can get allergies?
Fifty million Americans (one out of five of us) suffer from allergies. Allergies usually develop during childhood and adolescence. But an adult can suffer a first allergy attack at any age.

What causes allergies?
In the nose are cells called mast cells which are part of your body's natural immune system. When allergens are breathed in, these mast cells break down, releasing histamine and other inflammatory chemicals, causing a strong overreaction. In a word, the natural defense system in your nose goes haywire.

 runny nose — allergies in Chattanooga, TN
What are the symptoms?
A runny nose, an itchy nose, a stuffed-up nose and fits of sneezing are the most common nasal symptoms of allergies. Your eyes may become itchy and watery, as well.

Sounds like a cold. How do I know it isn't?

Typically colds bring with them fever, coughs and body aches. It's rare for allergies to produce those symptoms. Another clue: if your symptoms always appear about the same time of year and last about the same length of time, you probably have allergies and not a cold.