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ears of a girl —  hearing loss and hearing aids  in Chattanooga, TN
Putting off the decision to get help for a hearing loss is all too common. In fact, the majority of hearing aid wearers delayed their decision by an average of five years after the hearing loss had become a discernible problem. Taking the first step to seek help requires that you

  • Recognize you have a hearing problem
  • Admit that you should seek help
  • Be aware of realistic solutions

Call today for a hearing test. Following is a series of questions designed specifically to rate your hearing ability and detect possible symptoms of hearing loss. Write down the answer that best applies to your situation.


Most of the Time (2) Some of the Time (1) Never (0)
1. People have to speak slowly for me to understand them. 2 1 0
2. I ask people to speak up. 2 1 0
3. I ask people to repeat what they've said. 2 1 0
4. I have particular difficulty understanding my children and grandchildren when they speak. 2 1 0
5. I have trouble using the telephone and miss parts of words and sentences in phone conversations. 2 1 0
6. Family members complain that I turn the radio or television up too loud. 2 1 0
7. Going to the movies is a bother because the dialogue is unclear. 2 1 0
8. I've become less and less outgoing and feel awkward socially. 2 1 0
9. People accuse me of not paying attention or being antisocial at get-togethers. 2 1 0
10. I find myself avoiding social gatherings because it's hard to understand people in large groups. 2 1 0
11. At meetings or get-togethers, I'm reluctant to participate because I've missed part of the discussion. 2 1 0
12. I hear people talking but have trouble understanding what they're saying. 2 1 0
13. Listening to conversations takes a lot of concentration. 2 1 0
14. I think people are leaving me out of conversations or are talking about me. 2 1 0
15. I feel frustrated and lose patience with loved ones because they're treating me differently. 2 1 0
16. Family members make decisions without me because I have a hard time following discussions. 2 1 0
17. I'm spending more and more time alone because it's just too hard to communicate. 2 1 0
18. I miss telephone calls or visitors because I don't hear the telephone or doorbell ringing. 2 1 0
19. In the car, I have difficulty understanding conversation. 2 1 0
20. I think I may have a hearing loss, but I'm having trouble admitting it. 2 1 0

Total Score_____

To calculate your score, add up the numbers you've written down. If your score is 15 or higher, there is a possibility that you have a hearing loss. However, a complete hearing evaluation is the only way to determine if you have a hearing impairment.

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